17 de diciembre de 2016

DIY Big Squid Wall Decor

I just love this! I don't know if I should say this, but I am proud of myself, I'm very pleased with the result. It was easy and non expensive, and like the previous post DIY Washi Tape Decor , it won't damage your wall, perfect for us people who rent.

What you'll need:

- Black Foam Sheet
- Chalk
- Good Quality Scissors (the quality of the scissors is very important to accomplish a professional look)
- Scotch Tape (this tape is the best for your wall)

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Now the process, google the figure you want to draw, the possibilities are endless. Pick a picture and print it. With the chalk draw the figure as best as you can in one side of the foam sheet. Erase and correct as much as you need, take your time. If you think you can't draw ask for help, I actually asked my husband. Start cutting when you are happy with the result. Then put some tape in the side of the foam with chalk in it and tape it to the wall. Voila! it's done.

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  1. Los cuadros esan fenomenales y la tecnica me ayudo a sacar imagenes de pantalones con elastico modernos de mayoreo usando estos materiales, gracias.